Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preparing for the Interview!

Yesterday, I delivered a 40 minute presentation on preparing for a job interview to a group of 20-25 pharmacy graduate students.
Some of these students had just driven down from Atlanta Georgia and North Carolina.  It was a delight to share some helpful tips to a bright group of young individuals.

After my presentation each of the students had the opportunity to be test interviewed by one of 6 professionals who volunteered for the event.

For anyone who may be pursuing a new job or career and would like some tips, here are a few nuggets of wisdom in helping you prepare for the interview:

1) Research the company and the specific position for which you are applying.

2) Expound on what is on your resume

3) Dress to impress but don't lose yourself.

4) Tell stories to answer questions when appropriate (stories are memorable).

5) Leave them with your value proposition.  What will be gained by their hiring you?  Make sure both you and they know before you leave the interview.

We all want our ideal job, we just don't want to have to interview to get it.  Of course, sometimes circumstances will line up and you won't have to interview; however, if you prepare for successful interviewing you'll be ready to snag your best next move regardless of the circumstances.

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