Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Start!

The title of my first blog post is apropos not only for me in finally getting my blog started but for everyone out there who has been carrying an impregnated vision way past term.


Steven Tyler, in his interview with Oprah, remarked on how many of the IDOL contestant's who are sent home are twice as good as Janis Joplin or even he was when they sang their first note.  The point is that neither Janis, nor Steven, nor any great singer we know of came out singing melodic masterpieces.  None could emotionally move their audience as skillfully as our remembrance of their peak performances.  Yet, that did not stop them.  They JUST STARTED from where they were on a PASSIONATE PURSUIT of their dream; and each reached their own great heights.

That seems to be different than how most of us think now.  We usually measure our beginning point with others mid to end points and give up because we don't measure up.  Or we keep saying that we will perfect our skill before we start- Of course that never happens.

If we would JUST START where we are and believe that there is no perfection other than what has been perfected- and if it had to be perfected that means it wasn't perfect to began with.  Furthermore, like the stars we idolize in our minds- we will not ultimately be remembered by how we started (regardless of how terrible it was) but how we matured, persevered, and finished- and of course we can't experience any of those unless we JUST START.

    Maya Angelou said, "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."  We all have a vision we value and a passion we prize yet many of us suppress it because we aren't sure how others will receive it.  We never start because we try to prejudge whether or not we will finish the race, or if we'll place among 'the greats'.  The truth is, if we have a song, a desire, a burning passion-it's worth singing, or pursuing. 

Each individual who has ever lived, regardless of how great their feats and accomplishments, will make only a single note in the orchestra of life.  You make your note by singing your song- that is pursuing your passion and birthing that vision you've been laboring.  When all the notes come together a beautiful sound erupts from the earth and moves the heavens.  No one note was more important than the other- each supported and was supported by another.

So don't let fear, doubt, or whatever is keeping you from a PASSIONATE PURSUIT of your dream stop you any longer.  Make this the day to JUST START.


  1. And you are off to a great start. Looking forward to more Jean.

    1. Thanks Trey- and I will keeping up with yours.

  2. Awesome blog post. Look forward to seeing more. :)

    1. Thank you Betty, and I will commit to doing more.