Saturday, January 21, 2012

To work or not to work.

As I'm scanning the local ad, the followings beams right at me, "Managers and Sales Representatives".  

Without transcribing the entire ad for you, here was the key hook: 
" As part of our EXPANSION PROGRAM, company is lookingfor PART TIME employees to WORK FROM HOME, the pay is $3000 a month PLUS BENEFITS." 
This type of ad will elicit only two polarizing responses- 1) "Really???!!!"(With enthusiasm) or 2) "Whatever!!!!" (With scoffing). For me it got the #2 response. But nonetheless it got me thinking.

This ad took up a lot of costly real estate on the newspaper so the author knew what s/he was doing. There are key promises in this ad that many people are looking for.

1) Expansion Program- (this job is growing so there is security in its success)

2) Part Time - (this work will not be exhausting and the hours will be flexible)

2) Work from home - (this job will be convenient)

3) $3000 a month - (this job will provide consistent income)

4) Plus Benefits - (Benefits without full time commitment)

Who wouldn't want a secure $36000 a year, with free HMO coverage, while leisurely working 4 - 5 hours a day from their sofa???? But if you think anyone really is going to transact that type of quid pro quo with you, you may be too gullible.

Since the fall in the garden, God told Adam one important thing, "Through hard toil, the earth will yield you it's fruit." Gen 3:17

I don't think this job offer is a hoax- but it is surely hiding what it's really going to take to be successful in it.... W.O.R.K., with a capital "OH MY LORD!!!"

If you do go for this job, please expect the following

1) Things that expand tend to contract as well (i.e. pregnant bellies after labor) that is the level of security you can expect.

2) Part time means you'll probably work half days (you can choose which 12 hours you prefer)

3) Mowing the Lawn, washing the dishes, and cleaning bathrooms are all work from home. (But to me that has never been convenient).

4) $3000 a month will seem like it got cut in half as soon as you accept the job. (Money alone will never continue to fuel you in a job)

5) Hopefully 'Benefits' means free HMO coverage - (you'll probably need it with the stress you'll encounter from the job).

Please don't think I'm hating on this job. I'm not, but I do want to decode the ad. I feel it's important that everyone knows that there is not a road to enjoying the good fruits of life that is not paved with work; though we all would love to find one.

We all have good fruits in this life that we want to enjoy: financial freedom, edifying relationships, accomplishments, respect, prestige, etc., Deep down we understand it will take work to obtain these seemingly evasive goals; yet many keep falling for empty promises that we can get a shortcut to them or walk a path that doesn't require extensive labor.

It doesn't exist. We must be comfortable with the fact that it will take work to get there.

Consider this there are two long roads to your desired goals- one is paved with work and the other with quick sand. Which would you like to take?

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  1. Great post, Jean. You're "singin' my song" ! I try so hard to explain this to the young people around me. I also have a tendency to expect people to work as hard as I do. (that's a VERY frustrating thing in today's society) Apparently it's not ok for me to expect that of the people around me *insert sarcasm* It boils down to "personal responsibility", and nowadays parents don't teach that to their children :/ Keep up the good WORK, Jean!